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Pico Patcher

Recently we launched a new tool to patch the firmware file (.uf2) without any additional tool, just from your browser.


Due to statement restrictions, we are not allowed to distribute firmware with embedded proprietary VID & PID. Therefore, all firmwares are distributed with dummy values. In order to use your Pico Key with a particular tool, it is necessary to patch the firmware to correctly identify the USB device. This process must be performed at your local computer by yourself. We cannot participate, as we would breach these statements if we are part on this.

This process usually was done thanks to command line tool. However, it was only available for linux/MacOS and require some packages like Perl.

The present

Aiming at facilitating this process, we present a pure-browser tool based on JavaScript in order to patch the firmware. Just drag and drop the .uf2 file, select which vendor to use and the respective VID & PID values and click on Patch button. Magically, a patched firmware will be saved on your computer with proper values.

Note: the patching process is entirely performed locally by your browser without participation of any remote party.

More info at: